Loyalty is primary for Bernd!

Here are the sort of things Bernd can help you out with. (Due to privacy considerations, we cannot give specific details about his prior work.)

He can discreetly sort out things for you, getting to the bottom of things.

In business as well as private affairs, sometimes there are things about which you want to find out more, but without putting yourself into the picture. Maybe you want to know whether your agent is actually doing what was agreed. Or what your (business) partner is up to. Or what kind of person your (future) daughter/son-in-law is. And so on – there are many possible examples along this line. Just explain your problem to Bernd, and then let him get discretely to work, start investigating, and deliver you customized results!

He can negotiate for you, with your interest as a guideline.

Sometimes it is better not to negotiate something yourself. Someone who is not directly involved can sometimes say and accomplish more than someone directly affected. Sometimes taking a slightly provocative stance in negotiations – sailing close to the wind – can enable one to discover what the other party thinks about certain important aspects, and how far they are willing to go. Bernd's years of experience in international business, and in particular his experience with focused, result-oriented negotiations, means that you will certainly be in good hands with him!

He can travel anywhere for you, whatever the reason.

Perhaps you have interests elsewhere in the world, but lack the time to go and take a look for yourself. It might be necessary to have a confidant go do that for you, to discover, verify, find things out. Bernd will be glad to do that for you. His international career has taken him to the most extraordinary places. He has an extensive international network, writes and speaks 4 languages fluently and is able to make himself understood anywhere on the globe.

He can search for someone.

For years now you have been asking yourself whatever became of your childhood friend. Or maybe you don't know the location of your brothers, sisters, parents, or more-distant relatives. Perhaps a long-lost love? Bernd will research their location for you, down to the last detail!

He can help you find a new partner.

Finding a new partner (certainly after a long previous relationship) is not a simple matter. No, he will not date you personally! But he can help you by informing you about the do’s and don’ts, taking away your first hesitation and doubts, explaining how to present yourself, with what possibilities there are and for example preparing a good profile of yourself and making you first steps with internet dating together.

He would be glad to come up with a special promotion or surprise for you.

Bernd is creative, has a flexible mind and accepts no limits – a true “out-of-the-box” thinker. He can organize your upcoming party for you or plan that dream trip you have always wanted to make. He can truly accomplish the impossible for you. As a business acquaintance once said about him, “If you ever want to have a cup of coffee with Bill Clinton at his house, you should call Bernd...”

He will look for you for that one item/article you cannot find anymore.

Perhaps you once had a vinyl record of your favorite singer – but no more. Does such a thing still exist? How do I get it? Or at your grandmother's house did she always give you a specific candy? Is that still available? Or maybe you possess a Panhard Dynavia (a classic car) and are looking for a replacement emblem for the hood . . . Bernd does not give up easily, and if something still exists somewhere in the world, he will find it for you. No matter what!

He can guide you with your idea.

Maybe you have invented something or you have a very special idea that you want to develop, but you don't know the way to proceed. You are concerned that someone will abscond with your idea. You are looking for a manufacturer. Bernd would be glad to set you on the right way, with the utmost discretion. He understands you, the risks involved and your concerns.

He can be your sounding board.

Did I get something right? How would a neutral outsider look at my performance, my product? How will the market respond to it? Did I address all aspects of the problem, did I include all my thoughts? It can be very clarifying to check your vision with an “outsider” - but an “outsider” you can trust, who is discreet and does not play up to you.

He can be your mediator/intermediary.

A generational conflict with your children? Are you getting a divorce? Neighbors bothering you? Do you have arguments with friends or colleagues? A business conflict? Trouble at work? Bernd is very empathetic, he's a bridge-builder and a good listener. He can mediate discretely, with an eye for both parties, and will always come down on the side of fairness to arrive at a settlement – which he will then be able to present with great charm and persuasion. If that does not get the job done, then his natural authority should do the trick. Bernd knows as no other that honey catches more flies than vinegar, but at the same time he is certainly not afraid to shake his fist, should that be required.

He would be glad to advise you.

How should I deal with some dilemma? Where do I start? Where should I go? How do I start a business? How do I budget? With his many years of (life) experience, in business and the private sphere, Bernd can draw on a wealth of solutions. He is a jack-of-all-trades. Logically this is why he was asked as a business partner at ESA BIC Noordwijk (Business Incubation Centre).

He loves to help.

Perhaps you are an expat, in the Netherlands for the first time. How do you find a home? Where can your children go to school? What are typical Dutch habits? What kind of food do they have? There is much that is unknown to you. Bernd's empathy is huge, and his sympathy and understanding as well. He enjoys it when he can help people by passing on his knowledge. He is discreet and utterly reasonable. But if necessary, he will not shy away from confrontation.

He is always up for a good talk.

If you have read the above, you know by now that Bernd is a versatile man. He is curious and communicative. He can converse on a wide range of topics, but he also has a great interest in what others have to say. He is open to other people's ideas, and would be happy to have a good talk about any of them. He will never avoid an open and honest conversation, and at the same time can be counted on to keep it strictly confidential.

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